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      • Slabs Trimming Machine
      • Block Turnning Machine
      • Granite Strips Flaming Machine
      • Two-layer automatic drying&resinning line
      About Us
      At present, the main products are: granite slab automatic burner, marble filling drying line, composite slab drying line, thin slab drying line, waste material dumper, plate dumper, large saw ferry, trolley, sewage treatment facilities, etc. In addition, it also provides installation, commissioning and maintenance of imported equipment and second-hand equipment. Among them, our'FIRESTAR'brand automatic burner is already a well-known brand, not only widely used in large domestic manu  [ More>> ]
      Copyright 2018 XIAMEN FIRESTAR Technical support:Xiamen bohua network co ltd 閩ICP備18008589號 TEL:0592-8886589

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