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      Why Join
      Why do we choose Firestar technology?

      We know that deciding to join Firestar technology means time and talent. In return, we are committed to providing a rewarding working environment and experience for our team members.
      Cooperation with elite talents

      Dealing with projects with intelligent and dedicated team members will help you build up your career. Our team treats each other and customers with integrity, responsibility and politeness.
      Engage in meaningful work

      What do you value most? Become a member of a strong team? Support your family? Solve global problems? In rich bridge technology, you can do much more than that. The time you spend for your work is very important to your life and career. We can help you achieve your dream.  After all, your work is driving our progress. To help our team grow, we provide competitive benefits, useful tools, knowledge sharing, leadership and career development, and a positive culture.
      Grow with Firestar Technology

      Whether you provide career guidance or provide opportunities to learn new skills, your development is crucial. By switching jobs between many of our business units, locations, and functions, you can even experience different career opportunities within Firestar without having to jump to another company to start over.

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